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Converse Foundation Repair for Residential & Commercial

Low Cost Converse Foundation Repair

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio provides cost-effective solutions for foundation issues plaguing Converse homes and businesses, although the cost for pier and beam and slab foundation repairs can vary significantly. For example, a pier and beam home might only need few concrete piers for foundation leveling, or it might require steel pilings around the entire perimeter. The best way to determine Converse foundation repair costs is to get in touch with our experts. Not only do we provide fast estimates for Converse house leveling and foundation repair, we offer a warranty on the high quality foundation repair materials we use.
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Common Texas Foundation Issues

Foundation issues can threaten your home’s value and safety if left unchecked. Pier and beam foundations with crawl spaces are a notorious spot for moisture to accumulate. The moisture can cause mold, algae, and mildew to form on the wooden underside of your home. Slab foundations, on the other hand, that are in direct contact with the ground are susceptible to inappropriate amounts of settling in the Converse clay soil. Signs such as cracks, tilted floors, or doors that don’t properly shut can be indicators that there is problem with your home’s foundation. We know having a foundation issue can seem scary, but in the event that there is a problem, a Converse foundation repair cost might not be as high as you might suspect.

Our Converse Foundation Repair Services

Residential Foundation Repair

Most properties in Converse are zoned as residential, and as more people move into town, that trend is expected to continue. Whether you own a house in Converse or are considering selling or buying one, it is a good idea to make sure the foundation is free from any issues. Foundation problems are a top reason people lose money on their home or choose not to buy one. No one wants to deal with a foundation repair, but ignoring the necessity of one is far worse. For your peace of mind, our residential foundation repair company provides free assessments and quotes for foundation repairs in Converse.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Own a business or investment property in Converse? We understand the many demands on business owners, and that discovering a foundation issue adds to the stress. Let us help. At the very least, we can get you started with an honest and free foundation assessment. If there are foundation issues, we will work with you to provide commercial foundation repair with as little impact to your business as possible. For a Converse foundation repair company that provides expert commercial foundation repair and believes in honesty, not high pressure sales tactics, get in touch.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Slab foundations have several advantages; they are inexpensive, strong, and can be constructed quickly. Since they sit directly on the ground, they can bear more weight than pier and beam homes that sit elevated above ground. However, this is also a disadvantage because plumbing and other utilities are often connected under the slab foundation, making slab foundation repairs more difficult and expensive. Also, issues that affect soil conditions are prevalent in Converse. If you suspect your slab foundation has been compromised, get in touch. Our converse foundation repair technicians can help!

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam homes, although less susceptible to Converse soil issues, still have several disadvantages. They are often more costly to build and maintain. In addition, they can not hold as much weight because they sit above the ground and rely on wooden girder beams supported by concrete or steel piers. Often, there is poor ventilation in the crawlspace; a space bugs and rodents also like to call home. If you notice that your floors sag or creak in certain areas, you might have a foundation issue. The cost can vary from the low to high, and it’s difficult to provide information on pier and beam foundation repair costs in Converse without an expert opinion. We provide fast estimates and warrantee our pier and beam foundation repair materials.

Foundation and House Leveling

Regardless of your foundation type, it is likely that the cause or result of a foundation issue is an inappropriate amount of foundation settling. Returning a home to its original level position is a process often referred to as house leveling. This process usually addresses issues such as uneven or uneven floors, gaps in doors and windows, and sometimes foundation cracks. It is not advised to perform any foundation repairs, including house leveling, without professional assistance, as the result could be disastrous without proper training or experience. Our Converse foundation repair contractors can provide the advice you need and help get your foundation solid, strong, and safe once again.

Why Choose Us

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If you suspect that your property is suffering from foundation related issues, you have nothing lose by reaching out for a FREE Converse foundation repair estimate.

Cost-Effective Repairs

Foundation repair costs vary depending on the specific needs of your property. By specializing in foundation repairs, we are able to pass along some savings to you through efficiency.

Advanced Techniques

If you have long standing unresolved foundation issues, we can help by utilizing some of our advanced foundation repair techniques.

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