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Believe the hype- because it's not just hype! All these 5 star reviews are for a reason.

I had a flip house that was closing shortly and no one could get out to do the work. I explained to Terry my situation and he worked himself nearly to death to make it happen! He even finished ahead of time! He is as honest as the day is long and I cannot recommend him enough!

He restored my faith in craftsmen as he really embodies the old way of doing things where people have pride in their work- that's seems mighty hard to find these days but if you're looking for it- look no further than Skillful Construction.

Very very pleased and will not hesitate to call them again when I need help. Seriously.

Matthew Ure Avatar Matthew Ure

Terry came highly recommended from our realtor and he did not disappoint. Terry came out to Blanco on short notice and did a thorough evaluation of the property we were thinking about buying. He provided a very reasonable written proposal and quote on the same day. We didn't buy the house, in part because of the foundation issues identified by Terry, but I wouldn't hesitate to call him again and to use his company for the work should it be necessary in the future.

Jeff Watts Avatar Jeff Watts

Terry gave us a great bid based on a solid assessment of our foundation issues. His crew, led by Edward, was polite, efficient and did great work; they finished well within the predicted one day window. Our house is now level and we are very happy.

Mary Crow Avatar Mary Crow

Terry was quick to respond and given the urgent nature of our need to have the foundation assessed as part of a real estate transaction, he managed to slot us in the very next day. Communication was great and he took the time to explain thoroughly the equipment and process! I would not hesitate to call him again if the need arose!

Lydia McEvoy Avatar Lydia McEvoy

Terry at Skillful foundation was awesome! He had come recommended by a friend and after meeting him, I could totally see why! He was able to make it over within a day or two of me calling him, he took the time to explain everything he was doing/measuring and what those measurements mean, and at the end of the appointment gave me several tips on how to keep my foundation healthy. I felt he was very honest, knowledgeable, and a true professional who cared about what he was doing and wasn't just out to get my money. I will ALWAYS recommend him to others and would work with him again in the future.

Shar Avatar Shar

Terry came out and checked the foundation of a home we were thinking of buying. He took the time to explain everything in detail. Beyond great customer service.

Joseph Martinez Avatar Joseph Martinez

We bought a home in the historic Lavaca neighborhood that had an unfinished casita. In our process of finishing out that structure for my dad our engineer required adding 16 new 12" concrete piers and one 12" steel I-Beam. Skillful also added floor joists so it was 12" on center. We interviewed five companies and chose Skillfull based on reviews, price and project timeline.

Terry, Daniel and his team took two weeks total. We ran into some things we were not expecting but the team rolled with the punches. They did a great job and the engineer was impressed with their work. Thanks!

Derek Gisriel Avatar Derek Gisriel

I was a bit skeptical when Mr Gregory showed up for my estimate. The other companies had fancy uniforms and trucks and I was inexperienced with foundation repair. He gave me an estimate that was a little more than half of what others were charging and it included more work than the competitors. We asked to be scheduled and 12 days later we were confirmed.

The 3 man crew arrived at 9 the next morning. Edward was GREAT! He explained the current condition of the foundation and showed me in the crawl space, he explained the parts they would install and how they install it and why. The first day, the guys built block stations and installed 3 more beams with new piers. The second day they went down each joist and block station leveling to within 1/10”. When they were through and cleaning up I asked Ed to show me the readings of how level each room was, and he was happy to show and explain it all to me. There were several sections that had settled.

I got nervous like maybe they would get upset bc we noticed spots that settled, but he was super kind and the boys got right back to work. It took another hour and some extra materials to fix the spots, but they did all of that with smiles on their faces.

The house is now level, and we are super happy. The company has a very “small-town” small business feel, and that makes me feel more at ease. I will call them in 8 months for another adjustment (part of the guarantee). These guys have been so kind and great. They are knowledgeable, respectful of the house and our life (we have a baby that needed naps that they worked around).

Thank you guys at Skillful, you did good work, made us laugh, and have earned yr 5 Stars boys!

Erin Ysasi Avatar Erin Ysasi

Very glad I chose Skillful Foundation Repair for the repairs on my house. Terry’s estimate was very fair. They located the underground lines, the piers were installed as agreed, the crew was careful with my beloved plants and yard, and they were very professional and respectful of my family and my property. If I had questions or concerns Terry was able to answer and make suggestions in preserving the foundation. They had a very experienced and knowledgeable crew leader present at all times. They provided a current certificate of insurance with no hesitation as requested. The contract was clearly stated. After having interviewed several foundation repair companies, I am very happy with my choice as they have done exactly what they said they would do.

The foundation was lifted and stabilized and my house has experienced no subsequent damages. I am SO glad I found them and am so relieved I can now sleep at night knowing this job was completed properly.

Norma Salinas Avatar Norma Salinas

I called several places to get quotes to have our foundation stabilized. Actually talked to Terry and not some answering service. He was able to come out within a couple of days and instead of weeks like some of the others. He stated up front that there would be a $100 fee for him coming out and determining what needed to be done and supply a quote. This fee is totally worth the price! At first I was put off by this but after he arrived I could tell he knew what he was doing and not just some sales person. Before leaving he explained what needed to be done, how they would do it, and how long it would take to complete. And better still he suggested an alternative due to our specific issues and recommended we wait 4-6 months to see if there would be anymore movement and if not there probably will be no need to have any work done. This was very beneficial and unexpected. I highly recommend his company.

Sam Williams Avatar Sam Williams

Mr. Terry and his crew were responsive and helped us in a tough situation. More specifically, we learned of a foundation issue that needed immediate repair. Mr. Terry came out himself and developed a plan to help us solve our problem. His crew, Ed and Dustin, were amazing. They came out the next day and got to work. I can't say enough about Ed and Dustin and Mr. Terry. They have my future business and I will definitely recommend them to others.

Kirk Wagner Avatar Kirk Wagner

Arrived early, very friendly, walked me through every step of evaluating the foundation. Well worth $100. Recommended!

Denise Flores Avatar Denise Flores

Had some reservations about a house optioned on, considering a report, that showed issues, which would have most likely put this house on a "no list" for sure, Terry came out , and within an hour, had taken a digital reading on every room , while we, got a crash course on foundations. Bottom line, the info we received in the earlier report was false, and we are now in a position to negotiate, a more accurate offer. Best $100.00 we ever spent for sure, Skillful got our attention today, as a honest, incredibly knowledgable, company, refreshing !

Rodger Garrett Avatar Rodger Garrett

The people at Skillful Construction are professional and great craftsmen. Terry was very helpful with his knowledge and answered all my questions without the sales pitch. At first I was skeptical because this is the second time I have to fix the foundation. Terry began to earn my trust when he got under the house with me and pointed out the mistakes of the previous contractor. He was honest about the cost and reassured me the mistakes would be corrected in the best possible way. I got a good vibe talking to him. My wife and I are very impressed and satisfied with the result of the foundation. I respect the attention to the quality Ed and his associates produced. The work they did is solid and I can feel the difference. They definitely know what they are doing.

Steven A.

estevan arredondo Avatar estevan arredondo

Terry rocks. Dudes rock. He inspected the foundation of my home and ensured it was level prior to my purchase of it, and gave me advice on how to make sure water won't affect the foundation in the future.

Matthew Weston Avatar Matthew Weston


Jessie B Green II (JBG) Avatar Jessie B Green II (JBG)

The gentlemen that arrived were courteous, friendly and professionally dressed. The bid that was given was accurate and they did not exceed the amount. The previous week the owner, Terry arrived and went under floor to view the beams to assess the issue. He came up with a solution and a price. He communicated with me the entire time to let me know when his crew would arrive. On a side note, Terry made time to play pool with my dad. It turned out he is great player.

Laura Biggs Avatar Laura Biggs

This is a awesome bunch of guys that are family oriented and are very good at what they do. I had spoken with 4 different companies regarding the leveling of my manufactured home. Skillful Construction were the only ones that provided any in depth explanation on how the home leveling process worked. This company is very knowledgeable about the overall structure of a home in all aspects. They came out to my house and took measurements with a long water level that ran the length of my house both long and wide. It was explained to me very understandably what areas were low and high. My home has a nice addition that was added on to it. It was advised that to secure the structure more stable and improve the leveling of my home that beams be put in place from the start to the end of the addition. How I am so glad that this was bought to my attention and that I listened to their advice. No fast sales pitch, no "out to get another dollar", just good, plain, smart sound advice. Skillful Construction is also the only company that offers any kind of warranty. They have gladly come out twice to make adjustments, all at no cost to me. Terry has personally come out to my house to address other concerns as well. A professional contract/estimate was drawn out prior to any work being started. Both were performed as described and to customer satisfaction. This company cant be beat with all they have to offer. With out a doubt I choose the right ones! Thank you much!

Scooby Doo Avatar Scooby Doo

Had two cracks in the outside of my concrete slab foundation. No clue what I was looking at, I got nervous that I had foundation issues. So I called Terry. He came to my home in a few hours to perform a foundation inspection. He walked me thru the inspection process, explaining what he was doing along the way. He confirmed that the slab foundation had no issues, and it well within acceptable tolerances. Best $100 spent in a long time. Then he took me outside and advised suggestions to make the ground around my house better, to avoid water from pooling around the base of the house foundation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Rick Andrew Avatar Rick Andrew

I have used this Skillful Constructions on a number of occasions and have always found them very professional. Friendly with sound advice, no job too small or too difficult to handle. Terry Gregory and His Team are amazing at what they do. We are very happy to have them working on our home and will continue to utilize their services. We Highly Recommend them at all levels and that includes fair pricing. Excellent Business!

Abel Rodriguez Avatar Abel Rodriguez

I'm a Realtor in the New Braunfels area, and my buyers had a general inspection with Right Angle, which came back with foundations concerns because of some slight cracking around a window and outside along the foundation. They recommended a few companies but Terry was the first in our area to answer and be able to accommodate our timeframe. He was punctual and so kind. The buyers are out of state so he made sure to call them while walking me through the process of taking measurements and inspecting things like windows and doors. Terry is so knowledgeable and patient and I cant tell you how much I learned from him in that hours time. He was a wealth of information when it comes to maintaining the foundation and ways to prevent problems in the future. You can tell he has a lot of experience and the way he explains things is easy to understand and translate. It was well worth my clients time and $100. We all slept well that night knowing that the house is in good condition and I will definitely be recommending him to other agents and future clients.

Jessica Hille Avatar Jessica Hille

Terry is great. On time, patient with my questions and didn’t rush though an assessment of my foundation issue. Would definitely work with them again.

Steve Rivas Avatar Steve Rivas

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