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Slab Foundation Repair San Antonio

Qualified Slab Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Concrete slab foundations are popular in San Antonio due to several advantages; they are less expensive, can be made quickly, and don’t require a crawl space, among other benefits. However, seasonal variations make them susceptible to cracking, and the lack of a crawl space makes access to underground utilities more difficult and expensive. Slab foundations are also widely used in warmer climates where freezing temperatures are not as likely; prolonged periods of cold can cause cracks. Luckily, slab foundation issues can be solved with relative ease. If you are considering slab foundation repair in San Antonio, look no further. 

Our qualified foundation repair contractors have the know-how to handle all types of slab foundation repairs in San Antonio and surrounding towns. At your convenience, let us evaluate your home foundation and provide a comprehesive foundation repair estimate. We take pride in our foundation repair company values, especially honesty. Hopefully, we can reassure you that your foundation is in good standing, but we are prepared to assist or offer remedies should you have a foundation problem.
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Our Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Slab foundations are created by pouring concrete over reinforcing steel rods, also known as rebar, or by using post-tension cables after the concrete is poured; this allows for thinner slabs to be strong and sturdy. Around the perimeter of the foundation, concrete is poured in a much thicker quantity to protect the vulnerable edge, while also compensating for the added pressure of exterior walls. Proper soil grading is essential before slab foundations are built, otherwise the foundation is susceptible to shifting, sinking, and settling where soil is not properly compacted. This imbalance causes excess pressure and cracks can form as a result. In order to repair slab foundation issues, a process known as foundation leveling can be utilized which restores the house to as close to level as possible.
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Slab foundations are especially advantageous due to the warm San Antonio climate, where soil temperature is rarely below freezing. Also, slab foundations can support a large amount of weight unlike pier and beam foundations which are not in direct contact with the ground. This makes slab foundations a great choice for larger homes or commercial properties. However, this direct contact with the ground also has some downsides. The property’s plumbing is almost always located under the foundation, and therefore, access means jack hammering through your foundation in order to address leaks, no matter the size. What’s worse is that you probably won’t know the leak is there, and water under the foundation is certainly not ideal for its health.
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Benefits of Concrete Slab Foundation Repair 

There are several reasons you should consider concrete slab foundation repair. San Antonio is susceptible to wide variations in seasonal cycles making the soil more expansive. Concrete slab foundation repair levels the building, through a process known as house leveling, and prevents further stress from uneven weight distribution. We do this by lifting the foundation; the result is that floors once again become level and spaces that shouldn’t be there are closed. No home is the same, but raising the concrete slab foundation to its ideal height restores all of the warning signs associated with foundation problems. Unlike pier and beam foundations, slab foundation repairs can be trickier to perform because access under the foundation is limited.

For commercial foundation repair, the process is much the same. We also respect your need to keep business hours minimally impacted, and we work to complete any concrete slab foundation repair for your San Antonio company efficiently. We understand there is nothing worse than having a major unexpected expense hit your desk, but failure to address a foundation issue can have a devastating result on the value of the property and the safety of your workspace. If your business has a concrete slab foundation and you have noticed issues, we recommend gettin in touch with a professional foundation repair company.

Why Choose Our San Antonio Slab Foundation Repair Service

For slab foundation repairs in San Antonio, you have come to the right place! Our engineers have decades of experience in slab foundation repair. We take staff training very seriously and effective communication is a big part of making sure your slab foundation repairs are made efficiently, safely, and minimally intrusive to your lifestyle. Our foundation repair company in San Antonio values honesty, and while concrete slab foundation repair can get expensive depending on the degree of damage, it might cost less than you think. Ignoring the problem, however, can result in more expensive in the long term.
We are passionate and experienced in walking customers through our step-by-step concrete slab foundation repair process.
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Slab Foundation Repair in San Antonio Tx: Our Services 

As a foundation repair company dedicated to providing an extremely high caliber foundation repair service, we only employ contractors that are skilled, experienced, and knowledgable about every aspect of the trade.

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