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Our knowledgeable and experienced formen and installation experts are trained to high quality standards. We diagnose, repair, and recommend affordable San Antonio foundation repair solutions, all while providing you with guaranteed guidelines ad best practices for future foundation maintenance.

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Foundation repair costs depend largely on the extent of the damage, condition of the soil, and other environmental factors. Don't pay for a foundation repair until you have learned about your property's foundation health from our San Antonio foundation repair experts. We offer free foundation repair estimates!

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Our San Antonio foundation repair products are patented and guaranteed to last. We don't settle for just providing foundation repair in San Antonio, our construction expertise have left us with a unique understanding of underlying causal factors that affect your home. We fix those, and you're good to go!

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio

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Total Foundation Repair San Antonio provides services that ring true to our name, arriving at every job totally prepared, and leaving countless customers totally confident in their newly repaired foundations or crawl spaces. With years of experience, our foundation repair contractors have proudly repaired foundations for single and multi-family homes, apartment complexes, churches, schools, hospitals, libraries, and many other private and public utility buildings.

Have a foundation problem? San Antonio’s leading foundation contractors are ready to offer you the assistance you need!

Client Testimonials

"Terry was extremely professional and knowledgeable about his trade. I have used various foundation companies being an investor that often needs assistance with leveling. I am confident that I found my ‘go to guy’ when it comes to foundation repair. Overall experience was enjoyable!"
Nathan C. | Alamo Heights
For commercial foundation repair, this company is a pleasure to work with. They took into consideration our schedule and ensured that the foundation repairs would have minimal impact on our business. Thanks for the excellent customer service!
Angela Cruz | San Antonio

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Our San Antonio Foundation Repair Services  

Residential Foundation Repair

Found a leak or crack in your foundation? For most of us, homes are life’s biggest investment. All too well, we know the feeling that hits the pit of our stomach when something like this happens, and the following dreaded question, “how much is this going to cost?” Our recommendation: don’t let your imagination get the best of you. Usually, smaller leaks and cracks can be handled relatively inexpensively and may not indicate a dire issue, but ignoring the problem can quickly lead to a hefty bill and potentially irreversible damage to your home’s foundation. 

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio not only provides you with the superficial solution (i.e. plug the leaks/cracks), we focus on key causal factors and problem areas that may induce cracks or damage to the foundation in the future. We make these pre-emptive efforts and provide this crucial information to you, the homeowner, to assist in proper maintenance of your home’s foundation. Repair is the easy part; understanding the problem and preventing expensive outcomes can be trickier. If you suspect that your home’s foundation requires repair, consider a free consultation with our foundation specialists to learn more about our total residential foundation repair.
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Commericial Foundation Repair

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, bringing more businesses to the area than ever before. With this influx of commerce, foundation repair in San Antonio for commercial properties are as important as ever. Common indicators of structural damage are sinking, moving, or shifting foundations, sloping floors, bowing walls, stuck windows and doors, cracks in slabs, ceilings or walls, and any chipping in the foundation materials. Often, these signs are a direct result of soil-related issues in combination with poor drainage, plumbing leaks, landslides, poor construction, and structure weight. 

If you are concerned about your commercial foundation, get in touch with us for a full assessment. Total Foundation Repair San Antonio contractors have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to resolve foundation issues and return your property to a safe living and work-space. Call us to schedule a free appointment for any commercial foundation repairs.
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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Did you know there are three common types of concrete slab foundations? T-shaped, Slab-on-grade foundation, and frost protected; the type used usually depends on frost depth of the soil. In San Antonio, foundation repairs are most often of the concrete slab variety. Slabs are useful building elements that comprise the foundation base, and are usually reinforced with steel beams that run through lengthwise. When a concrete pad is poured over reinforcing rebar, it forms a solid foundation which replaces crawlspaces. However, upheaval, settling, and shifting piers can result in moisture permeating your building, eventually causing foundation cracks and entrances for bugs and small animals. If cracks are larger than 1/16th of an inch, consult a contractor specializing in slab foundation repair.

San Antonio’s metropolitan area is home to 2.2 million people, and growing fast. If you own a home or business in San Antonio or are looking to buy real-estate, our foundation repair company can provide crucial information about the property’s foundation and advice on maintenance strategies and repair costs for slab foundation repairs.
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Foundation and House Leveling

When a foundation is constructed, it is created to bear the weight of a load (floors, siding, roofing) evenly. Over time, environmental factors such as erosion, soil conditions, leaks, and even tree roots can wreak havoc not anticipated in the design specifications and cause an imbalance in one or more places. Usually, the result is sinking in one end or in multiple areas, indicating a structural issue. Methods for house leveling and foundation repair in San Antonio is first dependent on the foundation type. Slab foundation houses involve exterior excavation, use of piers or pilings and jacking, while crawl space foundation houses might require pilings to be installed under current piers. Other advanced foundation repair techniques, such as adding chemical solutions, can also help by filling in foundation cracks or stabilizing soil conditions.

It is extremely risky for non-professionals to attempt house leveling; a lot can go wrong! Total Foundation Repair San Antonio implements safe solutions that address causal factors, not just your uneven floors. Before further damage to your foundation occurs, consider our house leveling services.
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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundations use concrete beams or wooden posts buried deep into the earth, as opposed to slab foundations that are in direct contact with the ground. The interior of a pier and beam foundation usually sits on several concrete bricks, which creates a 1-2 foot crawl space. Since the foundation is accessible via this space, pier and beam foundations are often easier and less expensive to repair. However, they are still susceptible to moisture caused by inadequate drainage, leading to rot or mold forming on wooden elements and foundation shifting. Sagging can also occur due to the improper spacing of beams.

Too often, these problems are overlooked or ignored. It’s a good idea to consult a foundation expert every 5-10 years depending on the age of your home, even if you don’t suspect any problems. At Total Foundation San Antonio, we provide this service for you and recommend any remediation that might be necessary for pier and beam foundations repairs.
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