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San Antonio Foundation Repair Services

Expert San Antonio Foundation Repairs

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio offers a full range of services to get your home foundation even more secure than when it was originally built. Our experienced team of engineers and installation experts are trained to the highest industry standards, having repaired thousands of foundations. Our customer service representatives will walk you through the entire process from surveying your foundation to when you receive our warranty of our completed foundation repair products and craftsmanship. Interested in getting started? 
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San Antonio Foundation Repair Services You Can Count On!

At Total Foundation Repair San Antonio, we warranty our craftsmanship for the life of your home. Our proven methodology was developed by engineers with decades of construction experience, and since most foundations fail due to building on non-compacted soil, this knowledge is essential to foundation repair. Without addressing these underlying causes, a foundation repair will only be successful temporarily at best. Regardless of the age of construction, new foundations are subject to the same amount of settling as older ones. When purchasing or selling a home, it’s important to have an expert opinion. If foundation repairs are necessary, Total Foundation Repair San Antonio provides professional foundation repair and afforadable foundation leveling services.

Residential Foundation Repair

Houses are one of life’s biggest investments and ensuring that your home’s foundation is crucial to protecting its value. Many home owners are under the assumption that foundation repair will reduce the value of their home, but it's not true! Our San Antonio residential foundation repair systems correct issues and prevent further problems as a result of home settling, protecting your investment. If you have noticed cracks or uneven floors in your home, consider your consultation with our residential foundation repair specialists.
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Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Crawl spaces allow easy access to the underside of a building, but these foundations are susceptible to moisture. These damp shaded environments are ideal for mildew and rot if beams are made of wood. If rot occurs, they will need to be replaced. Additional concrete piers may also need to be installed to level the structure. Our foundation repairs will address the problem and correct for expansive soil and future environmental issues that affect pier and beam foundations. Don't wait until your foundation is beyond repair!
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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Concrete slab foundations are extremely popular for San Antonio foundations. Due to relatively warmer winters, concrete slab foundations do not necessarily need to be frost protected. However, concrete slab foundations are still vulnerable to changes in soil conditions. If you suspect your slab foundation is compromised, we specialize in concrete slab foundation repair in San Antonio. Like our other services, our slab foundation repairs are guaranteed to last. We promise, you won't need another foundation repair again!
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Commercial Foundation Repair

If you are looking for commercial foundation repair in San Antonio, you have come to the right place! Our commercial property foundation experts and professional installation team have worked on hundreds of projects including apartment complexes, churches, schools, libraries, fire and police stations, hospitals, and more. We'll try our best to work around your schedule, ensuring that your business is impacted minimally.  We promise to return your property to a safe and secure place to conduct business with our total commercial foundation repair services
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Foundation and House Leveling

Are your floors uneven or your doors not shutting properly? Erosion, soil condition, moisture, and mildew can all have effects on elements of the foundation essential to keeping your home level. It is important to resolve these issues before attempting to level your house, but when that time comes, it is highly advised to consult a professional. Do-it-Yourself house leveling can be extremely dangerous and result in a catastrophe, even the potential of destroying your entire home! San Antonio foundation repairs are our specialty and we also offer quality house leveling services.
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Advanced Foundation Repair

Our advanced foundation repair techniques are second to none. They include installation of concrete and steel piers and helical pilings. As with all of our foundation repair products and services, they are backed by our warranty. Advanced foundation repair techniques also involve soil injection of potassium ions and mud-jacking, a process of injecting concrete underneath a property's foundation when appropriate. As with our other foundation repair services, our advanced foundation repair techniques and services are customized to the needs of your foundation.
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Waterproofing Solutions for All of the Region

If you're dealing with flooding in the underpart of your home, waterproofing is your only option. Our qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly waterproofing contractors are standing by ready to assist you.

Reach out and we will come to your location and do a thorough assessment. Then, you will be provided with a price quote and several options. Rest assured we won't force or trick you into anything you're not comfortable with.

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Slab Leak Repair That Keeps You And Your Property Safe

We're experts in keeping your home's foundation solid, and we're also your go-to team for detecting and fixing those pesky slab leaks that can catch any homeowner off guard. We understand how troubling it can be to discover unexpected water pooling or a sudden spike in your water bill. That's why we're committed to providing you with transparent, straightforward slab leak repair service. We'll answer all your questions and make sure you're comfortable with the process every step of the way.

Getting started with us is a breeze. Simply reach out with your concerns, and we'll set up a time to give you a fast quote, tailored to your specific needs. Our team is always ready to jump into action. But our expertise doesn't stop at slab leaks. From pier and beam repair to house leveling and waterproofing, we've got your home maintenance needs covered.


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