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Professional Foundation Repair in San Antonio TX

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late For Foundation Repair in San Antonio Tx

Have you recently suspected that you might have an issue with your home's foundation? You might be asking yourself, "what does a foundation repair entail" or "how much is this going to cost". The answer is that it really does depend on the underlying cause of the foundation issue, the size of the property, and the foundation type. Generally, most foundation issues can be corrected effectively. 

It's also important that they are corrected sooner rather than later, as prolonged exposure to the causal factor will result in more extensive or irreparable damage. Total Foundation Repair San Antonio has a track record of successful foundation repair for residential homes and commercial properties.
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Understanding San Antonio Tx Foundation Repair in 4 EASY Steps!

Step 1. Inspect & Estimate Costs

The first step towards treating your foundation issues is to schedule a licensed foundation repair company for an inspection. A foundation inspection involves checking interior and exterior walls, flooring, windows, and door frames. This investigation can help determine the exact source of your foundation problems. Once a repair plan is developed, a foundation repair quote will be offered.

Without first seeing the property, it is impossible to give a quote, as foundation repair prices can vary wildly depending on various factors. As a company on a mission to make foundation repair in San Antonio Tx more accessible, Total Foundation Repair San Antonio offers affordable prices on foundation repair. Get in touch to learn how we can help.
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Step 2. Address Underlying Causes

Once the foundation repair process begins, the first step is to address the underlying problem. This could be a variety of things. Commonly, soil conditions are not consistent around the foundation. This causes moisture to absorb unevenly and pressure is built up against the foundation; when the water evaporates, the release can shift the foundation. Even tree roots can be responsible for sucking up moisture in certain places of your property. 

In order to address these problems, we employ a variety of corrective foundation solutions. Another issue can stem from poor construction practices and products. Construction companies often don't pour concrete during optimal outdoor temperatures or skimp on rebar, which reinforces the concrete. 
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Step 3. Level the Foundation

Once the cause of the foundation issue is discovered and addressed, the next step is the "restoration" step. This primarily involves foundation leveling, which is the process of restoring the structure to it's original position, or as close to it as possible. Since some foundation settling is natural, this process is a finicky one. Depending on the size of the building and the foundation type, the foundation leveling process could take time. That's why we make it a point to explain the process and the estimated time frame to our customers. 

The last thing we want is our foundation repair services to be an inconvenience. Once the foundation has been leveled, the symptoms of foundation damage can be mitigated or disappear entirely. Cracks, gaps, and spaces will magically close as level is restored. 
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Step 4. Ensure Customer Satisfaction

After the foundation has been successfully repaired and leveled, our job isn't over. Total Foundation Repair San Antonio makes it a point to continue relationships with our customers. We stand behind our services with a lasting guarantee, so if issues persist, we're prepared to help. If you're interested in learning more about our foundation repair in San Antonio Tx, get in touch. 

Our friendly technicians are more than happy to clarify the process and answer any questions that you might have.

Foundation Repair in San Antonio Tx: Our Services 

With a mission to set the bar high on quality foundation repair in San Antonio Tx, we're proud to offer the following foundation repair services. Give us a call or contact us online for a no-obligation quote.

Residential Foundation Repair

Commercial Foundation Repair

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Foundation and House Leveling

Advanced Foundation Repair Techniques

Restore confidence in your foundation withTotal Foundation Repair San Antonio

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