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What San Antonio Foundation Contractors Do: Our Process

Typically, San Antonio foundation contractors have a few essential roles. First, it is their job to work with potential customers to determine if there are any foundation issues. This is done through a series of foundation inspections that thoroughly assess the foundation health. Signs such as cracks in interior or exterior walls, gaps in doors & windows, and uneven flooring are noted. Usually, foundation problems in San Antonio stem from overly variant seasonal temperature and moisture levels, but the expansive clay soil could also be disturbed by plumbing leaks. Determining the source of the foundation issue is crucial to the San Antonio foundation contractor's job. 

The next phase of foundation repair involves designing a system that will not only effectively fix the foundation damage, but the underlying factors that contributed to the problem. Next, products are ordered that will support the foundation. Depending on if the foundation is a pier and beam or a concrete slab and the size of the building, the repair cost could vary widely. Finally, the foundation contractors assign technicians varying roles to put the designed system into action. Once the job is completed, the foundation contractor is also responsible for following up and making sure the foundation repairs met the customers' expectations. Most reputable San Antonio foundation contractors will provide a warranty on completed services, often for life.
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Why Choose Our San Antonio Foundation Contractors

At Total Foundation Repair San Antonio by Skillful Construction, we set ourselves apart from other foundation repair companies. We do this by exercising extreme attention to detail, caution, and always put our customers' needs first. Our San Antonio foundation contractors have decades of experience, training, and the expertise required to meet and exceed your needs. We help simplify the process by walking our customers through exactly what needs to be done, ensuring that their life will be minimally affected during this time. Since our goal is to make foundation repair more accessible, we also offer flexible financing options for qualifying customers. Get in touch with our friendly customer support team today and learn how our foundation contractors can assist you!
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Professional Foundation Repair Services

Foundation and House Leveling

Foundation repair often requires house leveling as a final step in the process. Once the source of the problem is resolved, the foundation leveling restores the original position of the house. This often addresses symptoms such as gaps in doors or window frames and uneven floors. Our San Antonio foundation contractors offer expert foundation and house leveling at a price that won't break the bank.

Commercial Foundation Repair

For your business, it's extremely important to make sure that your foundation is up to code. A thorough inspection by a qualified foundation contractor can help you identify areas of concern before they become an issue with the town, or worse, a safety concern. Since our foundation repair company specializes in commercial repairs, we can offer quality assistance. Whether you need an inspection or full on repairs, get in touch.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Concrete slab foundations are susceptible to several environmental factors. Most often, the soil in San Antonio becomes too moist after excessive periods of rainfall and expands rapidly. This expansion results in pressure and release against the side of and under the foundation. For slab foundation repair, we can reinforce certain areas of the foundation to restore its level.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Foundation repair on pier and beam homes can vary widely. Sometimes, only a few piers need replacement, other times, dozens of piers will need to be added to further support the building. Over time, piers made of wood will rot from moisture that collects in the crawl space. In this event, it's best to replace rotted pillars with steel ones and install a moisture control system under the crawl space to preserve existing piers.

Residential Foundation Repair

Looking for a foundation repair contractor that is licensed and insured for residential foundation repairs? Total Foundation Repair San Antonio by Skillful Construction offers extremely effective foundation repairs and products that can be applicable in a variety of residential settings. Our expert house leveling can return a sagging uneven foundation back to its original position and ensuring that your foundation will be secure for years to come!

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