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Expert House Foundation Repair in San Antonio

The Danger of Waiting for House Foundation Repair in San Antonio

The Danger of Waiting for House Foundation Repair in San AntonioHouses are a huge investment of time, money, and other resources. When a problem is discovered, it's often tempting to "sweep it under the rug" and forget about it. Foundation issues are not the problem to have that mentality with, especially in San Antonio Tx. House foundation repair can be costly, but it is worth every penny to address the issues. Otherwise, the value of your house could suffer immensely, even to the point of being worth nothing more than the value of the land it sits on.

The reason that Texas foundations are sensitive is because the clay soil often expands during times of heavy rainfall and contracts during times of draught. This pressure and release can cause a whole host of shifting foundation problems that only get worse with time. Other foundation issues are a direct result of poor planning, incompetent construction crews, and cutting corners on quality building materials.

At Total Foundation Repair San Antonio by Skillfull Construction, our mission is simple. We don't skimp on quality, cut corners, or plan poorly. Our attention to detail is unquestionable and our 100% customer satisfaction goal proves it.
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Getting Started with House Foundation Repair in San Antonio 

House Foundation Repair in San Antonio - Can I Do It Myself?

Surprisingly, we're asked this question all the time. The answer is a resounding no. Unless you are a licensed, insured, and qualified house foundation repair contractor, you can put your foundation into greater jeopardy by attempting repairs yourself. Not only that, but heavy machinery is often required to jack the house from the foundation and to install foundation repair products. If you do not have the required machine or experience to use it, you also risk personal injury while attempting house foundation repairs. Furthermore, without the knowledge of certain environmental conditions, it can be impossible to pinpoint the underlying cause of foundation repair... And determining why a foundation needs to be repaired is the most important step in the entire process!
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What You Can Do Right Now!

Even though house foundation repair in San Antonio might not be something you can tackle yourself, there are plenty of things you can do to assist in the repair process. First, walk around your property and look for any cracks where the foundation meets the exterior walls. Pay careful attention to any noticeable areas that seem uneven or that may have shifted. Also, stand back and look at the roof. If you notice any areas that are sagging, those could be an indication of where the foundation is failing. Back inside your house, look for cracks in walls, uneven floors, or spaces in door or window frames. If you take pictures, this greatly assists the foundation repair company in pinpointing the extent of the damage and helps us get a clear picture of what's needed.
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Learn How The Typical House Foundation Repair Process Really Works

Learning about house foundation repair in San Antonio will prepare you for a conversation with an expert. Foundation repair takes place in just a few steps. First, a foundation inspection will involve a foundation contractor to assess your property and offer a price estimate based on the extent of the damage. Next, the underlying causes of the foundation issues are addressed. This could range from recommending that some trees are cut or removing/adding piers to the affected area. Often, foundation issues are due to poor construction practices, such as not tamping the soil correctly. After the issues are resolved, the house is leveled to restore its original composure. A reputable foundation repair company will warranty house foundation repair services.
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Why Choose Total Foundation Repair San Antonio by Skillful Construction

Foundation repair can be a tough job requiring extreme precision and knowledge of construction. At Total Foundation Repair San Antonio, we strive for excellence in both of these areas by hiring contractors that fit the bill. Our team is carefully constructed for each job based on your specific needs. Even our customer representative team is friendly and ready to address any questions and concerns you might have. If you are interested in learning more about our house foundation repair in San Antonio or getting a fast estimate, simply give us a call. We'll be happy to walk you through the process.
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Our San Antonio House Foundation Repair & Other Services 

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