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Successful foundation repair involves addressing underlying foundation problems. Whether it requires a potassium soil injection or drainage system installation, Total Foundation Repair San Antonio has the experience to correctly diagnose foundation problems and offer cost-effective foundation repairs. Not only is all our work warrantied, our Live Oak foundation repair services are designed by qualified engineers specifically for your property. If you have a foundation problem, we are awaiting your call. Set up an appointment for a free foundation evaluation today!
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Prevalent Foundation Issues

Issues in Live Oak are consistent with other parts of San Antonio and Texas. Water, in some way, shape or form, usually plays a large role, whether its due to improper drainage or moisture content in the soil. For pier and beam foundation homes, the moisture collects in the crawl space, making a damp spot for mold or mildew to form beneath the foundation. For slab foundations, the Live Oak clay soil expands and contracts as rain water dries, creating gaps between the foundation and the earth. For Live Oak foundation repairs, Total Foundation Repair San Antonio can help.

Our Live Oak Foundation Repair Services

Residential Foundation Repair

It’s important to keep your eyes open for key indicators of foundation problems with your home, such as leaning chimneys, wall and floor cracks, sticking doors or windows, stair problems, and bowing walls. These issues are often caused by poor soil compaction upon construction, drainage issues, and even trees with long roots reaching towards your home’s foundation. Don’t allow these foundation issues to reduce the value of your home or compromise the safety of your family; look into our Live Oak foundation repair services. Our licensed house foundation repair contractors can assess your Live Oak home, recommend customized residential foundation repair options, and warranty our work.

Commercial Foundation Repair

As a San Antonio foundation repair company that frequently provides foundation repairs in Live Oak, we understand the demands every business owner has. That is why we work with your company to provide professional foundation repair solutions that minimally impact everyday business. Don’t let a foundation issue negatively affect the value of your property or the safety of your customers, employees, and tenants. Total Foundation Repair San Antonio has provided expert commercial foundation repairs for apartment buildings, condominiums, office spaces, strip malls, churches, schools, hospitals, and more. In addition to foundation repair, we also provide commercial foundation leveling.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Slab foundation homes are very popular in Live Oak due to their several advantages. They can be manufactured cheaply and quickly, and provide a structure that can bear a lot of weight. Unfortunately, many foundation construction companies try to cut corners by using poor construction practices. It is especially important to use high quality concrete mix that is prepared correctly. Foundations can often break due to improperly prepared concrete or building on soil that is not fully compacted. If your slab foundation exhibits any indication of cracking, you should get it looked at by one of our Live Oak foundation repair contractors; we specialize in slab foundation repairs.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundations utilize wooden posts or concrete piers installed into the ground to support wooden girder beams. These beams run along the underside of the structure’s floor. Since the foundation is elevated, repairs are usually easier and less expensive because the crawl space allows for easier access. Repairing a Live Oak pier and beam foundation often involves the installation of additional piers or using pilings to level the foundation. Common symptoms of a foundation problem are floors that sag or squeak, cracks in piers, or a sinking foundation. If you have noticed any of these issues, our Live Oak foundation repair contractors can help!

Foundation and House Leveling

Our foundation leveling services will correct your property after any underlying foundation issues have been repaired. The house leveling process is important to ensure that symptoms of foundation issues, such as gaps in windows or doors that don’t shut properly, are resolved. A level foundation ensures that the weight of the building is dispersed evenly across the foundation. For Live Oak house leveling and foundation repairs, get in touch with our compassionate team members. We are here to help you on your way to to total foundation repair from scheduling a free foundation assessment, to warranting the services we provide.

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For Live Oak foundation repair estimates, look no further than Total Foundation Repair San Antonio. Our team can get you started to total foundation repair with a fast estimate.

Cost-Effective Repairs

Live Oak foundation repair prices vary by the scope of the underlying issues. As a foundation repair company dedicated to customer satisfaction, we pass along savings to you.

Advanced Techniques

Put your trust in a Live Oak foundation repair company that offers custom foundation repair solutions that are specifically designed for your home or business.

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