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Our engineers at Total Foundation Repair San Antonio have the experience to diagnose key causal factors and offer cost-effective solutions for foundation repairs in Seguin. It’s impossible to determine how much a foundation repair can cost without doing a formal evaluation. Through our free foundation health evaluation program, we can pinpoint your exactly what your foundation needs and provide a free foundation repair estimate.
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Common Signs of Foundation Damage

Foundations in Seguin are susceptible to a variety of conditions that affect home and business owners all throughout great San Antonio and Texas. These conditions are brought on by moisture collecting around and under foundations and causing the soil to expand and contract. As you know, the Texas soil is very clay-like; this causes even more of a problem due to its high absorption rate. Sometimes, construction practices are also to blame such as using poor quality cement or other building supplies. If you suspect that your property is suffering from foundation damage, the contributing factors must be addressed. Our company provides affordable Seguin foundation repair services and free foundation health evaluations.

Our Seguin Foundation Repair Services

Residential Foundation Repair

We have performed foundation repairs on hundreds of houses, and the most common issues result from moisture. Most commonly, the solution requires piers or helical pilings down to support and level the foundation. However, sometimes a soil injection of potassium ions is needed which provides a permanent solution to settling houses. Regardless, when it comes to residential foundation repair, our pros know their stuff. Get in touch today and we can put you on the path to total foundation repair with our Seguin foundation repair services.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Let’s face it, your business depends on a solid, strong, and secure foundation. Without one, you could be putting the safety of your tenants, employees, and customers at risk. In addition, all that you have been working for could be compromised; a property with foundation damage cannot be sold a full retail value. Commercial foundation repair costs may vary considerably, but as long as the foundation is not beyond repair, a commercial foundation repair should be highly considered. The professionals at Total Foundation Repair provide cost-effective solutions.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Slab foundations are a fantastic option for a variety of reasons; they are inexpensive, strong, and quick to produce. However, since they make contact directly with the ground, they are prone to settling issues. In Seguin, the soil is very clay-like, and that means moisture can collect and cause the soil to expand. This puts pressure on the slab foundation and can cause it to crack or become uneven. Symptoms of foundation issues are often windows and doors that don’t shut properly. Our foundation assessors can provide a fast estimate on concrete slab foundation repairs.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Many pier and beam foundations become victim to foundation problems over time. Signs such as floors that bounce, creak, or squeek, might indicate a potential problem with a pier and beam foundation. Ignoring a foundation problem is playing a dangerous game, as issues don’t generally get better over time. If you are considering consulting with a foundation repair company in Seguin, get in touch. Our installation technicians and foremen are experienced and knowledge about pier and beam foundation repairs in Seguin and nearby towns.

Foundation and House Leveling

After a time, homes are subject to shifting and settling. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a foundation issue is present, but if settling becomes a problem, you may want to consider taking a closer look. There is a lot of information online, but generally, you will want to consult with a professional where your foundation is concerned. We have been providing foundation repairs in Seguin for years, and we are familiar with the types of issues that affect the local area and offer solutions including foundation leveling, house leveling, as well as commercial and residential repairs.

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With so many options, it can be difficult to find a reputable foundation repair contractor in San Antonio. Not only do we provide effective foundation repair, we offer fast estimates!

Cost-Effective Repairs

As our foundation repair company grows, we are able to reduce costs by streamlining our processes. For efficient and low cost Cibolo foundation repair, get in touch.

Advanced Techniques

Our advanced foundation repair techniques enable us to provide customized foundation repair solutions for your home and business at an affordable price.

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