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Total Foundation Repair San Antonio provides a variety of foundation repair solutions for residential and commercial applications. With years of experience, our engineers can quickly and accurately spot the underlying causes of foundation problems. Have you have noticed some of the early signs of foundation issues, such as cracks in walls, uneven floors, or gaps around windows?
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Is Your San Antonio Foundation In Danger?

Foundation issues can result in dangerous problems if ignored. Finding a reputable and honest foundation repair company to assess your foundation is never a bad idea, especially in San Antonio where soil moisture content can be extremely variable. This moisture causes clay soils to expand, putting pressure on your homes foundation; when the soil dries up in the San Antonio heat, the soil shrinks, your home settles, and unexpected (and unwanted) foundation issues can be the final result. The foundation repair contractors at Total Foundation Repair San Antoniowill know if your foundation is at risk.

Our San Antonio Foundation Repair Services

Residential Foundation Repair

Since homes are, after all, a huge investment, it’s important to ensure your home’s foundation is sturdy. Any signs of cracking foundations, walls, or siding, can indicate a problem. Don’t delay on getting a San Antonio foundation repair company, like Total Foundation Repair San Antonio, out to your residence to assess the situation. We can provide an expert opinion while providing residential foundation repair options that are financeable within your budget.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial buildings, such as apartments, condos, office spaces, shopping centers and utility companies are not immune to foundation problems. Actually, the bigger the building, the more involved a foundation repair project can become. The bigger the problem, the more it will adversely affect your business! It is most important to resolve any San Antonio foundation issues with a professional commercial foundation repair company.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Although slab foundations can be inexpensively poured and are generally sturdy, they are susceptible to soil conditions in San Antonio and can crack. Often vertical cracks are benign, since wall building materials such as sheetrock run along vertically. However, horizontal cracks are most likely an indicator that a foundation issue is present. Since slab foundations are so popular in San Antonio, our installation experts specialize in slab foundation repairs.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundations are one of the most traditional foundation styles in San Antonio. These foundations sit elevated upon concrete or steel posts, called piers, driven into the ground. These piers support wooden girder beams that consist of the structure’s foundation; the space created under the foundation is often referred to as a crawl space. If you notice uneven or squeaking floor boards, you may have a foundation issue that requires a professional pier and beam foundation repair service.

Foundation and House Leveling

Environmental issues such as erosion and soil moisture cause a structural imbalance, such as a sinking or heaving foundation. To resolve the issue, San Antonio house leveling companies use additional piers or pilings and jacking to raise or lower a home where appropriate. If the issues are severe, we may use advanced foundation repair techniques such as soil injection. Uneven floors are tell-tale signs that a you have a foundation problem that requires house leveling.

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