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Total Foundation Repair San Antonio proudly offers foundation repair services to residents of New Braunfels. Our experienced contractors know exactly what causes these types of foundation issues, and can prescribe a perfect and permanent solution. With our services, you don’t have to worry about future foundation issues; we have a foundation repair warranty which protects you. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we want to make sure that you are totally confident with your foundation. Our team members to get an assessment and estimate for New Braunfels foundation repair.
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When is a New Braunfels Foundation Repair Necessary? 

Have you noticed foundation cracks, uneven floors, or gaps in windows and doors? These could be early warning signs of a foundation problem. Without experience, it can be difficult to tell what is causing the problem, but most commonly, foundation issues in New Braunfels are related to soil conditions and poor construction practices. Over time, concrete shrinks and can make a vulnerable foundation even more dangerous. Although your house or business is unlikely to collapse tomorrow, it is important have a New Braunfels foundation repair company review the structural integrity of your building.

Our New Braunfels Foundation Repair Services

Residential Foundation Repair

Homes are large investments, and for many, the biggest purchase they make. If you suspect a foundation problem, don’t wait until the issue becomes unmanageable and costs you the entire value of your home. Whether you have a concrete slab or pier and beam foundation in New Braunfels, Total foundation Repair San Antonio can ensure your foundation is safe for years to come with a residential foundation repair service you can trust.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial foundation repairs are extremely important if you suspect an underlying issue that can affect the wellbeing of your customers and employees. A small foundation problem can escalate into a large one extremely quickly. We’ll work with your business to ensure that foundation repairs result in minimal impact to your day to day operations. We’ll also warranty our completed work so you don’t have to worry about further foundation problems developing in the future.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Slab foundations, also known as slab on grade, are built by pouring concrete directly on reinforcing steel beams called rebar. Although these materials make for a strong foundation, they are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Cracks can form as a result, especially in cold weather. If you have noticed cracks in your slab foundation, it is highly recommended to get them checked out by an expert. Our New Braunfels foundation repair engineers specialize in slab foundation repair.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundations are built above ground, making them less vulnerable to soil movement. However, the space under the foundation, known as a crawl space, can become a damp environment. The moisture that accumulates under the foundation fosters the growth of mold or mildew, leading to rot forming on wooden girder beams that hold your foundation together. If you can feel moisture under your crawl space, contact our New Braunfels foundation repair contractors today. We can help with our customized pier and beam foundation repair.

Foundation and House Leveling

Leveling a foundation is an extremely important part of any New Braunfels foundation repair. This process involves raising or lowering the home so it is as close to level as it can get. Usually, house leveling solves most symptoms such as uneven floors and spaces in door frames, but it does not address underlying causes of foundation damage, which can lead to worse damage over time. We recommend letting experienced and local foundation repair contractors make an accurate diagnosis before performing any house leveling services.

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If you know that your home or business has a foundation problem, take advantage of a FREE foundation estimate from the pros at Total Foundation Repair San Antonio.

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Foundation repairs costs can have a large variability, and it can be impossible to provide an estimate without an evaluation. We offer affordable New Braunfels foundation repair.

Advanced Techniques

Not only are our foundation repair prices lower than the competition, but we use advanced foundation repair techniques that are customized for your foundation needs.

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