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Professional Foundation Repair in Cibolo

Professional Cibolo Foundation Repair

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio offers expert foundation services that are customized specifically for your home. We only use specialized foundation repair products that are highly effective. For Cibolo foundation repairs or foundation leveling services, give us a call to arrange a free home evaluation. Our 5-star rated team will work around your schedule.
Affordable Cibolo foundation repair and house leveling!
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Cibolo foundation repair
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Don't let foundation repairs hold your property's value back!

Foundation repair can seem like a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Many homeowners are afraid that foundation repair will make the home tough to sell, but that’s not true, especially in Cibolo and most parts of Texas. Although foundation repairs do not add to a home’s value, many buyers are more comfortable purchasing a home that has foundation repairs. This is because it is less risky to buy a home that has already been examined by foundation experts, repaired by professionals, and warrantied. For Cibolo foundation repair, our foundation repair company provides services that are second-to-none and free foundation repair estimates!

Our Cibolo Foundation Repair Services

Residential Foundation Repair

Home builders sometimes cut corners to lower expenses so they can turn a larger profit. Often, this includes home foundations that are not built upon poorly compacted soil; over time, this causes the foundation to settle beyond the scope of what is considered acceptable. Unfortunately, these poor construction practices end up costing the homeowner. If this has happened to you, don’t worry. Our Cibolo residential foundation repair services can solve this problem and prevent further foundation shifting.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Don’t allow your commercial value and safety suffer with a weak foundation. Failure to address foundation problems can lead to a series of dangerous or costly events that could close or bankrupt your business. The larger the foundation, the larger the potential for a serious issue. If you suspect a foundation problem, our Cibolo foundation repair company, based in San Antonio, can help with a free commercial foundation assessment. Let our business help yours with a total foundation repair today!

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

When pouring concrete for slab foundations, climate conditions can play a role in the strength of the concrete. Generally, the temperature should be between 45 and 90 degrees fahrenheit. If a concrete slab is poured outside of this ideal range, cracks can often form as a result of temperature changes over time. Cracks are an indication of a compromised slab foundation and should be examined at as soon as possible before issues escalate. For Cibolo slab foundation repairs, get in touch.
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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Before the 1950’s most homes were designed to be elevated off the ground. This changed with the advent of better concrete technologies. Although pier and beam foundations aren’t quite as popular, they are still a great foundation option for small to medium sized homes in Cibolo. This is because pier and beam foundations are more resistant to variations in soil moisture. Unfortunately, they are completely immune. If you have experienced uneven, creaking or bouncy floor boards, consider going through our free foundation evaluation program.

Foundation and House Leveling

House leveling, also known as foundation leveling, is a process in which a structure is elevated by installing pilings that support the foundation. House leveling should only be attempted by a foundation repair expert. Please note, a Cibolo house leveling job is just one part of the foundation repair process. Often, other factors need to be addressed to avoid future foundation issues. Total Foundation Repair San Antonio has the know-how and technology to diagnose these issues, repair the foundation, and perform house leveling for Cibolo residents.

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A structure is only as good as the foundation upon which it's built. If you suspect there is an issue with your foundation, please reach out and ask for a FREE foundation evaluation.

Cost-Effective Repairs

Don't put your savings account in jeopardy with foundation repairs. Find out how you can save money on foundation repairs by getting in touch with our experts.

Advanced Techniques

Our expertise in construction and foundation repairs gives us a unique ability to implement advanced foundation repair techniques to solve foundation issues.

Restore confidence in your foundation withTotal Foundation Repair San Antonio

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