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Affordable Boerne Foundation Repair

As a Boerne foundation repair contractor, it is our duty to protect you and your family against unsafe foundation conditions and more expensive repair costs down the road. Not only do we perform foundation and house leveling services, we also diagnose and resolve underlying foundation issues. We have repaired a significant number of foundations in Boerne and recognize the soil conditions that will lead to foundation damage. Contact our Boerne foundation repair and house leveling team and be confident that your home or business is in good hands.
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Foundation Issues Worsen Over Time!

When searching for a new home or thinking about remodeling elements of your existing house, the first areas that come to mind are kitchens, bathrooms, or additional bedrooms. Far too often foundation issues are overlooked during home inspections, but without a strong foundation, the entire house is in jeopardy. Failure to address foundation problems can significantly decrease your home’s value. Cracks in brick siding, dry walls, windows, doors, and even chimneys are all warning signs of foundation damage. If you have noticed cracks or other foundation signs, get in touch with our Boerne foundation repair experts at Total Foundation Repair San Antonio.

Our Boerne Foundation Repair Services

Foundation and House Leveling

House leveling is an essential part of ensuring total foundation repair are successful. Leveling a foundation often involves the installation of concrete or steel piers that support the foundation. It can also involve mudjacking, a process where concrete is injected below the foundation to elevate and secure parts of the foundation that are sinking. At Total Foundation Repair San Antonio, we consistently provide high quality, trusted, and professional house leveling services to our Bourne customers.

Commercial Foundation Repair

We aren’t going to lie; when you need commercial foundation repair, it can be a big and costly endeavor, but monitoring your property’s foundation health is an important part of keeping your customers, employees, or tenants safe. Let our foundation repair company work with you to answer the all important question of why foundation issues are affecting your property. When our specialists diagnose any issue, our engineers will design a customized solution while keeping the cost in mind.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Slab foundations are often created by pouring concrete onto rebar, which are steel beams that reinforce the slab. If the quality of the steel or cables is poor or not enough reinforcement is used, the slab can form cracks. Over time, cracks allow more moisture into the concrete which cause more extensive foundation damage. As these foundation issues escalate, so does the cost. Fortunately, our Bourne slab foundation repair specialists can help your foundation (and your wallet) before it’s too late.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Foundations that use a pier and beam design allow access under the home, which often reduces costs of electrical and plumbing utility work compared to slab foundation homes. However, the crawl space can be a detriment as much of an assist. Animals can get in through the crawl space, make nests, and destroy anything under the foundation. Bugs, including termites can eat away at the wood underside of your home. Foundation issues can result from moisture and cause floors to become uneven. If you notice a large amount of rain accumulation under or near your foundation, consider that foundation issues caused by moisture only get worse over time. Our total foundation repair services are available to residents of Bourne; we specialize in averting water away from your pier and beam foundation.

Residential Foundation Repair

In boerne, residential foundation repairs are common, especially for homes with slab or pier and beam foundations. Issues in Boerne foundations are often the result of Texas clay soil which is notorious for taking on large amounts of moisture and expanding. Eventually, the soil dries and the earth contracts. These fluctuations create a constant eb and flow of pressure against the foundation, leading to foundation damage. Spotting early warning signs such as foundation cracks are key, and the prognosis for a Boerne foundation repair is excellent; in fact, a foundation repair often makes a house more sturdy and secure than when it was first built. Contact our foundation repair contractors for more information and to set up a free house foundation evaluation.

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We understand that it requires an expert opinion to evaluate and diagnose foundation issues. That is why we offer FREE foundation repair estimates to residents of Boerne.

Cost-Effective Repairs

Affordable foundation repair solutions can be hard to come by, but at Total Foundation Repair San Antonio, we try our hardest to keep your price as low as possible.

Advanced Techniques

As a Boerne foundation repair company with years of experience, we are able to provide advanced foundation repair solutions to your home and business. 

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