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Visiting the Cascade Caverns Near Boerne [What to Expect]

December 12, 2022

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If you need something exciting to explore this weekend, why not check out the caverns in Boerne, Texas? These Cascade caverns are an excellent indoor and outdoor attraction, perfect for the entire family. Before you head out, check out what you might expect when you arrive. This quick guide can also ensure you don’t miss out on a thing when you arrive!

This guide was put together by our team, who complete foundation repair in Boerne TX.

cascade cavern boerne

What are the Boerne Caverns?

The Cascade Caverns is a series of connected caves that provide a stunning view along their interior. The caves sit below a 100-acre property with attractions above and below ground. While in the caverns, you can see fossils and a wide variety of rock formations in their natural state.

Above ground, the site offers a 1.5-mile walking trail that winds through untouched nature you’re sure to love. Additionally, you can visit their gift shop to pick up some mementos to take home. The site also offers a rock quarry where you can try digging up your own souvenirs!

What to Do at the Caverns in Boerne

Cascade Caverns offers several guided tours of the underground caves. You can check out a flashlight tour at sunset or the daily guided “down under tour” perfect for everyone in the family. During the summer season, you can also enjoy a 3-4 hour tour of the lower caverns, offering stunning views you won’t see elsewhere!

Another infamous cavern location is called "Cave Without a Cave." They request reservations made in advance.

For those who prefer to stay above ground, you can also camp at the caverns. There are over 100 campsites, featuring both tent camping and full hookup. The campsite also offers a full laundry room, restrooms with showers, and a recreation center complete with a pool table and other features you’re sure to enjoy.

cave in boene texas

What to Remember Before Heading Out

Before you head out to the caverns, note that they usually charge for guided tours. Also, you’ll want to check current camping rates and reservation requirements. Remember that most tour and camping charges fluctuate throughout the year as well!

Additionally, remember that cave exploring isn’t for everyone, and parents should be mindful of a child’s comfort levels underground. In fact, the site doesn’t allow anyone with claustrophobia into the lower caverns during their summer tours.

Lastly, touring the caverns involves lots of steps downward and then back up again. You might also need to crouch to get through various areas. In turn, these cave tours aren’t always the best for those with knee trouble, back pain, and similar health concerns. However, remember that there are still lots of activities to enjoy above ground at these beautiful Boerne caverns!

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