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Top 5 Signs You Have Foundation Problems in San Antonio TX

January 27, 2022

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Foundation problems on San Antonio properties need immediate attention! The longer you ignore foundation damage, the worse it gets. Cracks and leaks also risk interior water damage, mold, and mildew.

While most homeowners are quick to schedule needed repairs, it’s also easy to overlook foundation damage. This is especially true for slab foundations, as they’re buried under a structure. To ensure your home is in good condition, check out 5 signs of foundation damage. You can then call a local contractor near you as needed for foundation repair services.

1. Interior Cracks Signal Foundation Problems in San Antonio

 A weak foundation allows a house to settle and then sink along one side or the other. This sinking pulls on building materials and surfaces. In turn, cracks often appear along interior walls and ceilings.

If you notice cracks inside your home, don’t just patch them up! Instead, schedule a foundation inspection, to check for damage. Without proper repairs, the structure might continue to settle so that new cracks form eventually.

foundation crack needing repair

2. Doorframe Gaps Can Mean Foundation Problems

As a foundation sinks, it often pulls doors out of a level position. This creates gaps between the door and the frame. As with wall cracks, don’t simply readjust the door and be done with it! Schedule a foundation inspection as needed, to check for signs of a sinking structure and the severity of your foundation problems.

3. Check the Home’s Interior Floors for Damage

Weak foundations also pull on a home’s sub-flooring or the floorboards underneath your carpet, tile, or hardwood. As these boards weaken or crack, you might notice squeaking, creaking, or groaning when you walk across the floors. You might also notice a soft or spongy feeling under foot.

Damaged carpet and tile can also indicate foundation issues. A weak foundation might mean carpet pulled out of position, loose tiles, or popped hardwood planks. These issues also indicate that it’s time for a foundation inspection.

4. Don’t Ignore Damp, Musty Spaces in the Home

Never assume that basements are just naturally damp and musty! Foundation cracks let in moisture that creates damp or humid interior spaces. You might also notice musty or mildew-like smells in the basement, a laundry room, or other such space.

In some cases, you might also notice dampness clinging to concrete walls, or standing water on floors. As with other signs of foundation damage, don’t simply mop up this dampness or install a dehumidifier. Have the foundation, basement walls, and other areas checked for cracks and needed repairs.

5. Mold and Mildew Can Signal Foundation Problems

Along with musty odors, dampness due to foundation issues can also risk mold and mildew in the home. You might notice mold growing along walls or mildew underneath carpeting. Both can also form along items stored in a basement or other interior room.

Note that mold especially can be the result of plumbing issues, damaged roof vents, and other such issues around your property. However, if you’ve ruled out these causes, it’s time for a foundation inspection.

Other Signs of Foundation Problems in San Antonio, TX

While these are the 5 most common signs of foundation problems, you might note some other indicators of cracks:

  • Damaged foundations pull plumbing pipes out of position, risking water leaks. Leaks can mean water stains on walls and persistent clogs!
  • As door and window frames get pulled out of position, you might struggle to close and lock them securely. Doors might also swing open on their own.
  • Rusted appliances can sometimes indicate foundation damage. Moisture seeping in through leaks risk corrosion to a furnace, water heater, and other major appliances.
  • Trapped moisture in the home also attracts insects and rodents! These unwanted pests often seek out a water source as well as a food source. In turn, you can keep your home scrupulously clean but still suffer an infestation. If this happens, schedule a foundation inspection.

Homeowners should also consider a home’s age. While not all older foundations suffer damage, concrete slabs and piers and beams can degrade over time. Moisture trapped along the foundation, such as on properties with poor drainage, can increase this damage risk. So, the older your home, the more imperative it is that you schedule regular foundation inspections.

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio is happy to bring this information about signs of foundation problems on a San Antonio property to our readers. Hopefully you found it helpful! If you’re in the market for expert fixes, call our San Antonio foundation repair contractors today. We offer FREE inspections and price quotes, and guarantee all our work. To find out more, give us a call today.

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