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Project For Slab Foundation Repair in Converse

What you need to know about slab foundation repair...

In the geographical location we live in, slab foundation services are common for Total Foundation Repair San Antonio. The ground doesn't freeze in Texas as it does in other areas around the country, so homeowners and business owners alike often choose this type of foundation for several reasons. It's easier to install, so it's much cheaper than other more traditional foundation types. There is also no crawlspace required to build a slab foundation, so it cuts down on some of the costly excavation required when building a new property.

There are problems with slab foundations too though that require slab foundation repair in Converse more than other kinds of residential and commercial foundation repairs. The weather changes and soil types make slab foundations crack more frequently. The lack of a crawlspace makes it difficult for contractors like plumbers and electricians to get to the features they need to when various other services they provide are required.

When one homeowner called us with a concern about their slab foundation, we had a good idea of what was wrong before we ever showed up on the job-site. They said that there was an edge of their foundation that seemed to be deteriorating right in front of their eyes. Every day they went outside and there was less and less concrete on the foundation, and more and more on the ground.

After a free initial evaluation, our qualified foundation repair expert discovered that whoever had poured the concrete on the edges didn't apply it thick enough to maintain the stability expected of these kinds of foundations. We told the homeowner it was a quick slab foundation repair in Converse that we could handle in just a few hours. They were delighted that it wasn't the nightmare they were expecting to face, and we wrote up their customized estimate.

The slab foundation repair was completed on schedule, and this customer has called us back a few times and even sent pictures of how well the foundation is holding up now. It's a word of caution for anyone that's considering hiring a foundation company in Texas. Not all contractors follow the industry guidelines, because when they cut crucial corners, they make more money. We will never lower our quality of service just to put a few extra bucks in our pocket. Your safety and satisfaction is number one, and we won't stop until it's accomplished.

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