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Project for Commercial Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Commercial foundation repair is much different! Make sure to hire a pro!

It's no secret to almost anyone that's ever considered it that a commercial foundation repair is a different kind of job than a standard home foundation repair. At Total Foundation Repair San Antonio, we've taken the time to do the required training and invested our resources in the tools and equipment required to take on these massive projects.

Along with any improvement or construction job at a business, location comes the obstacle of doing the work without disruption of daily operations. We know how important this is, so we do whatever we can to avoid shutting down companies that require commercial foundation repairs. It's not always possible, but if it can happen, you can be sure that we will come up with a plan to get it done that way.

A business owner called us several years ago and said that he was told by another contractor there was something wrong with his building's foundation. It was a large industrial building that employed about 100 workers. They manufactured parts for an automobile company, and they had already been struggling to make ends meet with a decrease in demand from their main customer. The last thing they wanted to do was shut their doors completely and send all their employees home without pay. The other foundation company that they had received an estimate from told them that was the only way they could do the commercial foundation repair.

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We didn't promise anything, but we did go over to do one of our free inspections to get the ball rolling. The nervousness about our findings could be seen in the owner's hand fidgeting and pacing that was going on while we were doing our evaluation. When our honest and respectful foundation repair contractor was through, he gave him the good news.

There was no reason why his business in San Antonio had to be shut down so that we could do a very basic commercial foundation repair of his property. It was a task that would only take a few hours, and we could do it after hours or while production was happening if that's what he preferred. He wanted us to take care of it as soon as possible so he could put his worker's minds at ease.

The repair was scheduled and done that very same week with his life and the lives of his employees continuing on as scheduled.

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