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Professional Foundation Leveling in Leon Valley

Foundation Leveling Can Save Your Foundation. Check This Out!

As much as we would like to think that our homes and business stay put from the time it is built through the period where we no longer need them, that's just not how things work. Over the years, you will have to replace roofing systems, siding, windows, and various other features to keep your property structurally sound. One thing the experts from Total Foundation Repair San Antonio don't want you to forget about is your home's foundation. While it's probably least likely this is the kind of home improvement project you'll require over the years, it does come to surface from time to time.

Foundation leveling in Leon Valley is one of the multitudes of services that we provide all of our valuable customers. Many don't realize it's something that happens, but we try to keep everyone informed that your home's foundation is one of the things you should have inspected regularly. If your foundation becomes to unlevel, it can lead to major issues and even a complete cave-in of the building if it's left for too long.

foundation leveling leon valley

Many years ago, it was a situation that one homeowner, unfortunately, had to deal with first hand. He had lived in his home for about 20 years by the time he called us. It was a fairly new residence when he moved in, but he wasn't aware of the shifting that was happening right under his feet. It was a neighbor that came up to him and told him that it looked like his house was almost sitting crocked on the lot it was built on. When he told us this over the phone, we were prepared for the worst.

Upon arrival, it was obvious that this guy needed foundation leveling and he needed it fast. It was shocking to our crew to see a foundation in the shape it was in and there had been any subsequent issues as a result. He was lucky, but a little unclear of why he should pay to fix something that wasn't actually broken… yet.

Our attentive foundation repair expert sat with the gentleman for about an hour explaining everything about his home's structure and why this was no longer something that he should consider, but something he absolutely had to get done. By the time we left, he was satisfied with both the explanation and the superior results we provided.

If you suspect you need foundation leveling services, please reach out to Total Foundation Repair San Antonio. We offer fast estimates and budget friendly options.

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