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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Project

Need pier and beam foundation repair? Read this!

Pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio is one of the qualified services you can receive from Total Foundation Repair San Antonio. Not all foundation repair companies out there are capable of doing this kind of service, but we know that there are many homeowners in Texas that require it. We've taken the time to go through the extra training required to fully understand how this type of foundation works, and why it's beneficial to use for small and medium-sized houses throughout the region

One gentleman called for a pier and beam foundation installation several years ago. He was building a new home for him and his family, and he wanted something that was effective yet cost-efficient as he was doing this job with a limited budget. We told him it was obvious that he had done his research and chosen the right foundation among the options available. We installed his foundation following all local guidelines, rules, and laws. When it was completed, we went over everything with him to ensure he was 100% satisfied with the results. With his approval, we went on to another job and continued business as usual.

pier and beam foundation repair

More recently, this man called us back and said that his electrician had noticed a problem while he was working in the crawlspace, and he wanted us to come and check it out. It was clear upon initial inspection that there was a need for a pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio. It wasn't because of our workmanship, but because of the natural shifting of the soil and fluctuations in temperature that had happened over several seasons since installation.

The work we had completed was top-notch, but we can't predict what the Earth and Mother Nature are going to do. We set up his appointment for repair and sent our crew in to get the job done as soon as possible. After explaining to the customer how these things happen in a way that he could easily digest, he had no issues with the quality of work we had provided him years prior. Because his foundation was still under our warranty, he didn't have to pay anything additional for the pier and beam foundation repair we did either. We've done several jobs for this man's contractor buddies over the years, and nothing has slowed down since proving we did the job we promised once again!

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