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Our Most Comprehensive Home Leveling Projects

Home leveling is not a DIY Job!

While most people are inside their homes, or even walking around outside, they don't notice that their home's foundation might be shifting. With the expansive clay soil and variety in temperatures in Texas, it is common for home leveling in San Antonio to be required. With the years of experience, we have in the foundation industry, we've seen some of the worst cases of shifted foundations that most would never imagine possible.

When your home's foundation starts to shift, it frequently keeps moving until you do something about it. Home leveling involves raising or lowering of the foundation to make it level and more structurally-sound to avoid cracks and the weakening of the building structure. Avoiding this issue for too long puts families in jeopardy because the entire property could eventually collapse if not taken care of.

You likely have an expert do an inspection on your home's foundation before you buy it. If they give you the all-clear, it's not something that you think about again for some time. Most don't want to think about it all because of the misconception that home leveling in San Antonio is a significant job that costs a lot of money. That's not always the case, and this is a perfect example of one of those situations.

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A man called us and said that he thought his home was shifting a bit. It was a newer home that had just been constructed, so he assumed it was settling and nothing to worry about. The customer wasn't going to take any chances though, considering this was his most significant investment. We sent our foundation inspector over to see what was happening right away.

After doing a comprehensive evaluation of the building, it was obvious that there was some leveling required, but it wasn't the massive home improvement project that this guy was imagining. We had the work done in a very short time, and he was shocked when we handed him the final bill and he saw just how affordable the home leveling service was. Now, he's referred us to all of his contractor buddies, and we still get calls from him once and a while to do routine inspections.

This story is one that we hope eliminates the fallacy that foundation repair services are going to leave you broke. Instead of neglecting the problem thinking it will disappear, call for a fast estimate.

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