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Home Foundation Repair in New Braunfels

Not your typical foundation repair project.

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio has been doing home foundation repair in New Braunfels and the surrounding areas for years now. That's how we know that too many homeowners out there try and ignore this very critical issue. Anyone that's ever purchased a home before knows just how important the foundation is to the structure. The smallest issue can turn into something catastrophic in a very short time, and that's why when someone calls us for a home foundation repair problem, we send a qualified contractor over right away to do a comprehensive evaluation of what's going on.

When a woman called us recently, she said that a neighbor had pointed out to her that it looked like her foundation was cracked a bit. She didn't know anything about foundations, or what or how it would crack in the first place. The customer had been married to her husband for over 30 years, and he had always taken care of things like that. He had passed away a few years prior, and in that time frame, there was a shift that disrupted the integrity of her foundation.

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Our customer support team scheduled an appointment that was convenient to her, and we sent a respectful technician over that agreed-upon time. Together, they walked around the outside of her property and our foundation repair contractor quickly noticed where the issues were in her home's foundation. He took the time to explain everything to her in a way that she could understand. It included the fact that if she waited much longer, her home was at risk for complete collapse. The fear in her eyes was apparent, and she didn't hesitate to hire us on the spot to get the work done.

We put together a team quickly, and they took all the materials and tools required to get her home foundation repair, which was a vertical crack in the structure, completed right away. She was overly pleased with the results and even more delighted when she was that the service wasn't as expensive as she thought it would be. After explaining to her that there was a warranty included with our workmanship, the stress and anxiety that she was feeling knowing that she could call us back if something else went wrong melted away right before our eyes. Just another satisfied customer and true success story for Total Foundation Repair San Antonio!

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