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Awesome Foundation Repair Project in San Antonio

When your roof caves in, you might need foundation repair...

Nobody wants to pay for expensive foundation repair in San Antonio, and that's why we often show up to job sites that should have had their service handled months, if not years before they actually call. Total Foundation Repair San Antonio has been in this industry for many years. Over that period, we've seen some of the most extensive damages to the structural integrity of buildings because people neglected this essential project.

We first want everyone to know that foundation repair in San Antonio isn't as expensive or complicated as what you've heard. We're not just saying that because we're professional foundation repair experts either. Sure, it's easy for us, but it can be easy for everyone if you catch and take care of the issue right away instead of waiting. One client recently learned this the hard way.

foundation repair san antonio

After noticing a crack in her foundation a few years back, the single woman living in this particular residence didn't think much of it. Everything in the home was fine, so it probably wasn't a big deal. She waited to have a foundation inspection done for almost five years after noticing the crack, and by then, it was too late. While on vacation, she got a call from a neighbor that something wasn't right at her property. She didn't want to, but she left where she was relaxing and soaking up the sun to go and tend to whatever was happening at home.

When she got there, she was struck with the reality that her home had started to cave in where the crack was, and now there were more serious, and noticeable structural problems happening inside as well. Thankfully, she knew that this was something that couldn't be neglected another second, and she called us at Total Foundation Repair San Antonio.

Because of the way she described the situation over the phone, we knew it was critical so we sent a crew over right away. It was clear to our trained eye that it was something that should have been handled much earlier, but we were going to do what we could to help her out. We came up with a customized plan of action and fast estimate quickly to present to her. She approved right away, and we finished what we had to within the same week. She missed out on vacation, but she was 100% satisfied with her repair.

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