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How to Fix a Pier & Beam Foundation for Your Texas Home

March 24, 2023

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A pier and beam foundation in Texas is excellent for any home. Piers lift a house off the ground, creating a crawl space under it. This crawl space allows for easier access to the home’s underside, making repairs easier. Additionally, many homeowners use that crawl space for storage.

However, even the toughest pier and beam foundation will need eventual repairs. As with other foundation materials, those repair options depend on the damage itself! Check out a few repair options for a pier and beam foundation and its crawl space. Then, call a foundation repair contractor in Texas for needed fixes on your property.

Fix a Pier & Beam Foundation

Common Foundation Issues & Repairs for Texas Properties

Shimming a Pier and Beam Foundation

Shims are wedge-shaped wood pieces with various uses around a property. For instance, you can pound shims between squeaking subflooring and joists. These shims provide support for sagging floorboards, keeping them strong and quiet!

In the same way, a contractor might pound large shims between foundation piers and the beams to which they’re attached. These shims help prop up sagging beams and framing and provide added support.

Adding Shaker Sills to a Pier and Beam Foundation

Sills are like crossbeams attached between foundation beams and piers. These sills support interior floors and exterior walls. Adding new sills means more support for the home’s framing. Also, additional sills help to disperse the weight of the pier and beam foundation, alleviating stress on piers.

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Stacking New Piers or Replacing Old Piers

Some pier and beam foundations in Texas consist of stacked piers. Contractors usually create a stacked pier from strong bricks or concrete blocks. Over time, these individual bricks or blocks can slip out of place. Also, solid wood or concrete piers can eventually crack and then weaken and sag.

Depending on damage extent, a contractor might stack new piers around existing piers. New stacks support the home’s structure and transfer weight from damaged piers. However, in some cases a contractor might need to replace those piers altogether. Steel piers provide excellent support and resist mold, rot, and other damage.

Underpinning a Pier and Beam Foundation in Texas

Contractors use underpinning for various foundation designs. This process sinks sturdy piers or pins into the ground, around the foundation perimeter. Next, a contractor attaches these pins to the structure’s foundation. Lastly, they lift the foundation with specialty hydraulic equipment.

These pins provide support for a sinking or settling structure and typically last for decades. Underpinning also closes cracks and other damage inside and outside a house. Also, a contractor might use underpinning along with other foundation repair options, for the most effectiveness.

How to Protect Your Pier and Beam Foundation

Protecting a pier and beam foundation against damage means avoiding those repair costs! Also, note that a damaged foundation can risk wall cracks, damaged framing, and more. In turn, investing in foundation maintenance also means keeping your home’s entire structure strong and stable.

One excellent choice for pier and beam foundations is full encapsulation or a vapor barrier installation. Two, consider a French drain installation, to direct moisture away from the crawl space. Three, sump pumps are a great choice for properties prone to flooding.

Lastly, consider regular foundation inspections. A professional technician can spot damage right as it develops! In turn, you can make timely repairs and avoid costly fixes. Additionally, a professional can note issues that risk future damage such as added weight on a home. They might also recommend preventative waterproofing and encapsulation when needed.

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Does Your Home Need Pier and Beam Repair?

  • Exterior Signs: Property owners should use caution about being around a damaged foundation or in a home’s crawl space. However, you can often spot crumbling piers or rotted beams while still outside that space. Also, note that strong musty odors can indicate trapped moisture that risks pier and beam damage.
  • Interior Signs: Additionally, never overlook wall and ceiling cracks or doors that suddenly stick. These can signal a home that’s sinking along one side. Soft floorboards underfoot, mildewed carpeting, and damp concrete floors can also mean foundation issues.
  • Age of Property: Lastly, consider your property’s age. Over time, that foundation can suffer cracks, rot, and other damage. In turn, it’s good to schedule an inspection if your home is more than ten years old. Your inspector can note developing damage and needed repairs for your pier and beam foundation.

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio is happy to help explain how to fix a pier and beam foundation in Texas. Hopefully, you’ve found this blog useful! If so, be sure to check out our other entries for more great tips and advice. Also, call our foundation repair contractors when you’re ready for expert services. We offer FREE inspections and repair estimates. To get your property started, contact us today.

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