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How Much Does Slab Foundation Repair Cost in San Antonio?

July 6, 2019

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No matter the slab foundation repair costs in San Antonio, it’s vital that a homeowner or commercial property owner address needed foundation repairs quickly. Cracks and other foundation damage get worse over time and often lead to damage inside a home or commercial structure as well as water leaks and resultant mold growth.

While only a San Antonio foundation repair contractor can give you an accurate estimate for needed foundation repairs, you might note some important information about slab foundations in general as well as the damage they tend to suffer and why. This can give you an idea of what to expect by way of commercial and residential repair costs in San Antonio and surrounding areas, as well as a few tips on keeping your structure’s foundation free from damage in the first place.

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Why You Need Slab Foundation Repairs in San Antonio

To better understand what causes slab foundation damage in San Antonio, first understand the construction of a slab foundation. As the name implies, a slab foundation is a flat section or slab of concrete poured over a compacted section of soil and gravel. A home or other structure is built over this slab.

Slab foundations are very popular in areas where the ground goes through constant freeze-thaw cycles, as this cycle causes the ground to expand and contract, taking a building with it! The slab keeps the building secure no matter the movement or condition of the soil. A flat slab also distributes the weight of the structure evenly, reducing pressure or stress against the soil and keeping the home or commercial structure in place.

While slab foundations are affordable and easy to install, under-slab plumbing often leads to leaks that then result in needed slab foundation repairs in San Antonio. Excess moisture in the soil also causes it to expand under the foundation, creating pressure that leads to cracks and other such damage. Poor compaction or a poor-quality gravel base before the slab foundation is poured also results in eventual slab foundation damage.

Figuring Slab Foundation Repair Costs in San Antonio

The extent of damage is the greatest factor in figuring slab foundation repair costs in San Antonio but note some additional info about the work involved in foundation repair:

  • Many foundation repair jobs involve underpinning the foundation, or inserting long piers or pins along the foundation, for added support and to help close up cracks and gaps. Each pier might cost between $300 and $500 each, depending on their size and construction. The more piers or pins needed to repair damage, the greater your foundation repair costs.
  • Interior piers might be even more expensive as added work is required to avoid damaging a structure’s flooring.
  • Soil conditions affect the ease of installing piers. If a foundation repair contractor in San Antonio needs to dig through dry soil or brace up overly moist soil, this might add to your repair costs.
  • Some foundations and structures have multiple issues that need addressing including extensive cracks and gaps requiring sealing and patching and severe tilting or sinking. The greater the damage, the higher your costs.
  • Permits actually add to residential and commercial foundation repair costs in San Antonio, as some permits are charged according to a flat percentage of your costs while others might run $75 or higher each.
  • Each foundation repair contractor in San Antonio also has their own expenses that might affect your cost, such as their liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and the like. It’s vital that you choose a foundation repair contractor with adequate insurance in case of damage to your property during their work.
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How to Lower Slab Foundation Repair Costs in San Antonio

The best way to lower slab foundation repair costs in San Antonio is to avoid foundation damage in the first place! Consider how to do this and a few tips on containing the cost of residential foundation repair:

  • Ensure your property is graded properly so that moisture runs away from the structure’s foundation rather than collecting at its base. If you notice overly moist soil near your house or business, or find it difficult to grow landscaping in that area, have your property’s drainage checked for needed fixes.
  • Good gutters are essential for a home or other structure. Poor-quality gutters, undersized gutters, or clogged gutters allow water to leak over their sides and then collect around the exterior of a foundation, leading to cracks and other damage. Have the gutters cleaned regularly and check them for damage needing repair.
  • While excessive moisture puts pressure on foundations and leads to leaks and cracks, overly dry soil provides poor stability for foundations and allows a structure to shift and settle. This also leads to cracks and other damage. Keeping foundations watered or ensuring the soil around them is not overly dry protects a foundation from added stress.
  • The best way to lower your slab foundation repair costs in San Antonio is to ensure you have repairs done as soon as necessary! Ignoring needed foundation crack repair in San Antonio allows that damage to get worse over time and allows foundations to absorb water, resulting in even more extensive and expensive damage.

How to Know If Your Structure Needs Slab Foundation Repair

There are two experts you can call to find out if your home or commercial structure needs slab foundation repair. The first expert is a structural engineer. He or she can evaluate the condition of your structure’s foundation and note if it’s damaged and the extent of that damage. He or she can also note if that foundation needs bracing or underpinning of any sort, to avoid future damage.

The other expert you can call to note if a structure needs slab foundation repair in San Antonio is a foundation repair contractor! Qualified, experienced repair contractors can spot signs of foundation damage quickly and easily and note the best solution for repairing that damage and ensuring your home or commercial building is strong and secure.

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